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When it comes to short term loans for the UK borrowers have few options. What is available usually comes with exhorbitant fees, crippling repayments and an inadequate short-term loan amount.

This is a grossly unfair penalty that hurts vulnerable people; a low credit score is not always due to irresponsible money management. Students, pensioners, disabled people, single parents and self-employed people can all struggle with “credit-worthiness” and need short or long term loans that reflect their circumstances without judging them. are a new lender who have identified a gap in the market for fair lending for UK customers in tight circumstances. Their range of short-term loans are designed to help people in the UK who do not qualify for loans easily with their bank or other standard lender.  MyLoans recognize that many UK borrowers need fair “payday loans” or emergency lending that doesn’t take advantage of their lack of options. No one should have to pay more in fees and interest simply because of a credit score that doesn’t accurately portray their background, and the fact is that bad credit is rarely due to bad budgeting.

With a MyLoans short-term loan you can borrow what you need today, from £250 to a generous £5000, with terms that YOU select yourself to fit into your budget. You can apply online within minutes and see what you qualify for without any obligation to go ahead unless you are completely happy with the loan and terms. Your credit history does not disqualify you from a fair and accessible short-term loan, and because you choose your repayments you can keep it affordable. No more spiraling debt!

MyLoans have helped thousands of UK borrowers to cover out-of-budget emergencies:

Carol W from Middlesborough needed £3,500 to replace her water heater when it broke during a cold snap. Money is tight for her and her two young children, and as a freelance photographer her income is unpredictable. This means other lenders class her as a high-risk borrower and she is limited to loans of £1,500 or less with very expensive interest rates. With MyLoans Carol qualified to borrow the full amount of £3,500 to buy and install a new, reliable water heater, at an interest rate comparable with the low rates “good credit” borrows get from a bank personal loan. Carol chose repayments that fit easily into her monthly budget, and had no problem satisfying the loan.

“Best of all,” she told us, “my credit score had gone up almost 100 points after I repaid MyLoans”

As a returning customer, Carol qualifies for higher loan amounts and lower interest rates, should she need a MyLoans loan in the future.

David P from Reading receives DLA for injuries sustained during his job as a sheet metal worker and he has been unable to return to work since. His wife works as a mental health nurse but money is tight for their family and a few of their bills are in arrears. This wasn’t a problem for MyLoans when David requested £2000 to cover family expenses such as winter clothing, and insulating their home.

“Being unable to work has hit me hardest mentally. I used to provide for my family and it’s a blow to my self-esteem that I can’t. Worst of all is the shame I feel when I can’t get a bank loan. I pride myself on being responsible and I feel I am always explaining my disability to people.  MyLoans treated me with respect and sensitivity. I repaid the money from my DLA and felt good when my kids picked out their new coats and boots. My wife’s face lit up when I told her to choose a new handbag to match!” -David

Josh H, York
“I’m a student and we all know the jokes about poor students! I needed money to pay a deposit on a new flat after my last roommates messed me around. I looked around for £900 at a few places, Wonga, Provvy etc and I was gonna have to pay back 3 times that! I haven’t had time to build a decent credit history because I’m 19, and of course I have a black mark already thanks to the idiots I used to share a flat with. It’s unfair but try explaining it to a lender!”

Josh applied online with MyLoans and was surprised to see he could choose from several loans, that offered £900 or more, and that he could choose repayments that wouldn’t leave him stuck eating pot noodles for months. He chose a loan of £1,500 so that he could get some living essentials for his new flat. Repaying this loan healed the damage to his fledgling credit record that his previous roommates had done. “Thanks MyLoans! The guys I’m sharing with now are a good bunch and have the same attitude as I do to money and studying. It’s good to have that support and it’s great to know MyLoans are a lender you can trust not to take advantage of you.”

So there you have it. These people and thousands more have built a better future with a fair and affordable loan from MyLoans. Previously, they have had to turn to expensive and inadequate doorstep lenders or payday sharks, and had to deal with the shame and stigma of not being able to use a “real” lender. When it comes to short term loans, UK customers can trust MyLoans to give them a hand up, not a hand out.

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4 Reviews to “Short Term Loans for UK”

  1. I recently launched my startup company and it took literally every penny I had my savings, maxed out cards and so on. There was no problem until I noticed my insurance protection had lapsed and I literally had ONE day to compare borrowing options so I could pay my premiums to my insurance representative. I couldn’t trade without it in place and I couldn’t afford much down time. But, no where would lend to me. Well, my bank wouldn’t. I get that I looked like an awful risk because Id drained my accounts – but, they wouldn’t budge so I had no choice but to explore other options.

    I borrowed the maximum £5000 here and got it all sorted out just in time! My income is scaling up fast so repayment isn’t an issue for me , and I’m happy there are financial choices for someone in my shoes. Apparently, I all but killed my credit by sinking it into my startup? It’s been a tricky subject and a steep learning curve, but as a fledgling small business owner I feel like I can handle the bumps. This one with the insurance registration was the worst because it could have shut my trading down! My loan is easily repayable because I was able to select terms that worked with my budget.

    1. They are quick aren’t they? I asked for 3500 total and I was approved right away even though my credit score is shite.

      So, what I like is the fixed interest, and the payments are a lot lower than anywhere else. Does anyone else agree? It looks like this lender is the best choice for you if your credit score is too bad for your bank to loan to you.

      I made my first payment just the other day and so far, so good.

      Oh and by the way if anyone is wandering they ARE regulated by financial watchdogs, so your details are safe. My mum worries about anything on the internet because she doesn’t think it’s safe after reading about all the data breaches in the news. She’s always warning me not to use “the interwebs” but she has no experience of it beyond facebook so what does she know?

      1. OMG your Mum probably misses the good old days where there was no online banking service and you had a ten working day waiting period for funds to clear whenever you deposited a cheque!!

        Sorry, but I am a lady of advancing years (67) and I didn’t find it hard to register here at all! In fact, it’s really simple and clear and when you see what loans are available to you, the APR is clear and easy to understand even for a doddery old girl like me.

    2. This is one of the best loan companies I’ve found for when the unexpected happens and you want an instant decision. I registered using their applications form and was impressed by their privacy and encryption. I felt like my info was safe. It’s more important to me than the money if Im honest. Anyway, the checks they conduct are minimal and unintrusive, it seems the application is just to verify your identity really, and match you with a suitable loan. I had no problems and was approved for a loan of 700 quid, which I needed for a very late council tax bill! EEK, the local authority were threatening to send bailiffs round so I didn’t have much choice but to borrow.

      What’s good is the offer I got had terms which were easy for me to repay and were based on my ability to pay on my low income. To be honest I’m glad its a short term loan because I find the longer I have to worry about money going out,the harder it is to budget long term. I used to borrow from an online lender called England Lending, but the APR was 3x what I got here!!

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