Top 3 Free Credit Report Sites

Your credit report is one of the most important financial documents.  It comprehensively records your credit history, which financial institutions will use to make decisions about your creditworthiness.  There are numerous websites that offer free credit reports.

The best websites will be safe and easy to use and will let you get a credit report free of charge.  The following are some of the best free credit report websites that we recommend:

1. FreeScore360


get a free credit score report at freescore360

How many times have you thought to yourself, “I should check my credit score,” and opened up a bunch of websites but given up because of how complicated the whole ordeal is?  FreeScore360 changes that.

It is one of the most convenient and safe free credit report websites to check your credit score.  The website offers a generous one-week trial so you can try out its detailed report and score-tracking services.

During the trial, you can perform a free credit score check and access free credit reports from all three credit bureaus:  Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.  The option to check your credit score from any of the three major credit bureaus and not be limited to just one is what sets FreeScore360 apart from other websites.

How Does It Help Me Check My Credit Score Free?

In addition to comprehensive reports from the three bureaus, FreeScore360 sends you daily alerts and notifications to help you monitor your credit efficiently.  You are notified of any changes in your credit score in real time so you can address any issues as they occur.

The website also maintains a dedicated help section.  It guides users on using several available tools to better assess and understand their credit standing.  Moreover, a dispute center allows users to register any issues they find in their credit report and request a review or correction.

Why Should I Choose FreeScore360 for My Free Credit Score Check?

  • It allows you to monitor your credit from all three credit bureaus.
  • Access is open 24 hours a day.
  • Notifications alert you of credit score changes.
  • You will be notified of unusual activity or credit fraud.
  • Various financial tools help you better understand and manage your finances.
  • A dispute center easily registers any issues and helps you correct errors on your credit report.


Visit FreeScore360 Now


2. Credit Sesame


check your credit score for free at creditsesame

Credit Sesame is the ideal choice for budget-conscious individuals who can’t spend on costly monthly subscriptions. The service offers free credit reports on their basic account.  Users can upgrade to a paid membership for additional features and more control over their finances.

If you’re out trying to get a loan approved, you probably don’t want to make any additional expenditures.  With Credit Sesame’s free credit score check, you can get a clear overview of your credit standing without having to spend a penny to do so.

Even if you want dedicated credit monitoring, Credit Sesame won’t disappoint with its premium membership plans.  In addition to offering credit reports and alerts from all three credit bureaus, premium memberships also protect subscribers against identity theft.  Users can also benefit from customized credit card recommendations to maximize chances of approval.

How Does It Help Me Check My Credit Score Free?

The free tier has a lot to offer.  Signing up for a free Credit Sesame account is simple. Y our free account will open access to a free credit score check and a free credit report from one of the three credit bureaus.  Other free services include monthly updates and notifications.

Any changes in the credit report will be reported to the user immediately for swift action.  For a free service, this is a helpful addition that many such services don’t offer. Unlike other popular websites that let you check your credit score for free only during the trial period, Credit Sesame is free indefinitely.

Why Should I Choose Credit Sesame to Check My Credit Score?

  • Free credit report and score check.
  • Monthly updates on the free tier.
  • Regular notifications on the free tier.
  • Hassle-free sign up.
  • Convenient and easy to use.
  • Identity theft insurance.


Visit CreditSesame Now


3. IdentityIQ


Get a free credit score check report at identityiq

IdentityIQ is one of the longest standing free credit report sites.  If this doesn’t inspire your confidence in what the service has to offer, its well-crafted membership plans and a generous trial period surely will.

IdentityIQ allows users to access their credit reports from all three credit bureaus. It also offers round-the-clock protection from ID theft and credit fraud.  With a trial period accompanying all its membership plans, IdentityIQ lets users check their free FICO score without any hidden costs.

A basic IdentityIQ membership lets you check your credit score from one selected credit bureau.  For added control over your scores, you can upgrade to higher plans.  They will give you access to credit reports from all three bureaus.  Any of the different memberships will grant you a free FICO score with a free trial.

How Does It Help Me Check My Credit Score Free?

IdentityIQ fulfills your credit tracking requirements with three membership packages.  All packages come with a free FICO score and a trial period so users can test the company’s services for themselves.

For users who don’t want periodic monitoring of their credit score and don’t want to sign up for a monthly subscription, IdentityIQ offers a one-time credit reporting service.  This gives users a comprehensive report from all three credit bureaus.  The report comes with essential tips to improve your score.

Users can choose from essential or ultimate monthly memberships for access to their credit report from one or all three credit bureaus.  Monthly subscriptions also come with important score calculations, the latest FICO 9 score, and other scores essential for claiming mortgage and car loans.

Why Should I Choose IdentityIQ to Check My Credit Score?

  • Instant access to credit report and scores.
  • A good selection of packages covering various credit monitoring needs.
  • Access to scores from all three credit bureaus.
  • Identity theft insurance on higher subscription tiers.
  • Round-the-clock support and protection.
  • Access to essential tools like the Interest Rate Estimator.


Visit IdentityIQ Now



Since the credit report is such an important document, it is advised that you check it regularly for errors or discrepancies.  Many websites offer free credit reports, but not all are reliable.  All the three services we have selected here for free credit reports are reliable and should sufficiently fulfill your credit tracking needs.

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